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Model project for the inclusion of families as a target group in measures for the prevention of overweight in children and adolescents – Evaluation (MÜKE)

The participatory evaluation “Model project for the inclusion of families as a target group in measures for the prevention of obesity in children and adolescents” (MÜKE) is accompanying two pilot projects selected by the Federal Ministry of Health. The projects are utilizing diverse formats, settings, and/or target groups to test interventions for the prevention of obesity in childhood and adolescence in Germany. The participatory approach aims to systematically include the experiences of the model projects and stakeholders in the evaluation, to extract contextual and success factors that positively influence the effectiveness, transferability and sustainability of the intervention results.

In the conception phase of the evaluation, a uniform methodological approach and a catalogue of indicators will be developed using scientific principles which will be put into practice using suitable research methods. All survey instruments will be adapted to the different approaches of preventative interventions on a project-specific basis.

The cross-project findings will then be condensed through a final workshop into practical and target-specific recommendations for further implementation.

Duration: 01/2020 – 03/2023

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Health

Project coordination: nexus - Prof. Dr. Christiane Dienel, Tzvetina Arsova Netzelmann, Dr. Carina Brumme

Project partners:

Department Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science, Prof. Dr. Nina Langen and Leonie Hasselberg

Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Chair of Children’s Health)

Website: www.nexusinstitut.de/en/model-project-for-the-inclusion-of-families-as-a-target-group-in-measures-for-the-prevention-of-overweight-in-children-and-adolescents-evaluation-mueke/


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