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The Department of Education for Sustainable Nutrition and Food Science of Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) has two missions: research and education. Research foci of the department include insects as food and feed, sustainable consumption, consumer behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability of food (fair trade, organic food), food waste and Cause-related Marketing as well as vocational education and teacher education in the field of nutrition and home economics. The effects of training formats to increase sustainability competences in vocational education are investigated. In education, the department offers subject-matter didactical education of vocational teachers in the field of nutrition and home economics. Methodic competences include e.g.

  • Developing questionnaires, conducting and evaluating interviews
  • Review of reviews on values and other key issues (attitudes towards sustainability, willingness to pay, ethical aspects, rearing methods, …),
  • Concept mapping the knowledge that a person associates with a specific keyword or situation,
  • Information Display Matrix (for the measurement of information uptake in decision making situations), and
  • Choice experiments and experimental auctions (that have the purpose to simulate purchasing and production decisions)


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